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SUMMER POINSETTIA, A. splendens perfecta. Germination: Sow 1 seed per cell in a 288 tray, maintain soil temperature of 77F. Cover seed lightly with coarse vermiculite and leave trays exposed to light. Germination should be complete within 10 days. USES: From seed to 72 size liner tray, 6 weeks. Packs or combination containers, garden background. Young leaves can be cooked like spinach. When left to mature in the garden they are a seed source for songbirds. Seeds can be crushed and added to wheat flower. Grows well in full sun and poor soil conditions. Brilliant pillars of foliage atop sturdy plants. Best grown when night temperatures are 65 degrees or above and soil is kept dry.

Big and bold. 36ƒ?? height. Brilliant foliage colors of green, yellow and magenta.

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