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ASPARAGUS FERN Asparagus species 77F, D, 30 Days Germination is sometimes difficult. Keep seed moist, warm 77F and covered with black plastic until germination begins, about 4 to 12 weeks. Sow 2-3 seed per cell in a 288 tray or 4-5 seeds in a 72 tray, maintain soil temperature of 80F. Cover seed with black plastic and germinate in total darkness. Do not cover seed with soil until germination begins. A pre-emergent spray of Truban, Daconil or Chipco will help control fungus. Germination should be complete within 21 days. CROP TIME: 40 Weeks

Novel pot plant, slow growing, 52 weeks to 4ƒ?? pot. Germination may take 12 to 14 weeks. Most difficult of all Asparagus to germinate. 55% average. Habit: cone-shaped foliage spikes; Height: 18-24ƒ??; spread: 18ƒ??.

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