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CHINA ASTER Callistephus chinensis 72F, 8 to 10 days CROP TIME: PACK: 8 weeks (green) Asters require long days or 4 hours of additional lighting per night to initiate flowering. All varieties are prone to Aster Yellow virus. USES: Asters are versatile for cut flower, pot or bedding production. Packs should be sold when green. Greenhouse produced cut flower asters require cool temperatures of 50 degrees nights and 2 additional hours of night lighting from August 15th through the winter to May 15th to insure proper stem length. Control of aphids and leafhoppers is critical to reduce the spread of viral disease.

Cutflower. Even the side branches have long stems. Floral designers love this series. FLOWER: Shape: double, without yellow centers; Size: 3-3 1/2ƒ??. PLANT: Height: 30ƒ??; Spread: 15-18ƒ??; Color: dark green

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